Multi-Award Winning Inner Transformation Specialist, Courage Catalyst and Author Tiffany Crosara presents

The Transformational Truth of Tarot

NYE Sessions.

Reflect & Reset 23/24

‘Tis the season for introspection. 

Picture having a transformative reflection process that not only unveils the gems of your 2023 journey but also empowers you to plant them organically. Envision your growth unfolding in perfect harmony with the cosmic design aligning seamlessly with the universe’s grand plan for your extraordinary 2024!

What You’ll Gain:

  • Understand the Bigger Picture: Gain insights into the cosmic tapestry of your life.
  • Erase the imprints of:  shame, guilt, pain, resentment, loss, and negative energy.
  • Come to peace with your last 12 months: and experience instant healing and release.
  • Unlock BLOCKED Manifesting: Release barriers hindering your manifestation journey.
  • Co-create Magic in 2024: Align your intentions with the universe for a magical year ahead.


with the Reflect & Reset Transformational Truth of Tarot sessions this NYE & NYD.

NYE> Part 1- Reflect: Understand and heal your narrative of 2023

As the clock strikes 12 midday on NYE, prepare to embark on a profound journey. We will delve into a powerful Transformational Truth of Tarot process, unveiling the cosmic perspective on why each month in your 2023 story unfolded as it did. This transformative session promises to reveal the universal insights behind the events that shaped your journey throughout the past year.

As the cosmic revelations unfold, a profound understanding emerges. Two transformative paths await you:

  1. Self-Realisation: You may discover that it was your perception that caused the pain. This revelation empowers you to take control of your narrative, shedding light on the personal growth that awaits through self-awareness.
  2. Universal Validation: Alternatively, the universe might validate just how resilient you were in navigating the challenges. Recognizing the toughness of your journey, this validation becomes a source of strength, guiding you towards healing and self-compassion.

Whichever path unfolds, both lead to a powerful release – a shedding of guilt, shame, resentment, and pent-up frustration. This cathartic experience paves the way for profound peace, allowing you to bury the burdens of the past year.

By finding peace with each month of 2023, you carve a path forward, ensuring that the echoes of pain and suffering do not reverberate into 2024. This transformative process is your key to a fresh start, unburdened by the weight of the past.

NYD> Part 2 – Reset: Channel and Co-create your next 12 months:

As the clock strikes 12 midday on New Year’s Day, dive deep into the transformative realms of The Transformational Truth of Tarot, with part two.  It’s time to align and co- create with the divine plan. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Channel the Universe: Connect with the universal energies and align with the divine plan for a purposeful 2024.
  • Craft Your Tarot Vision Board: Create a visual representation of your aspirations for 2024, month by month.
  • Clarity for the New Year: Gain a clear understanding of how you’re commencing 2024.
  • Alignment Check: Assess whether your plans align with the universe’s intentions.
  • Adjustments and Guidance: Discover what to do if your alignment shows signs of being off.

Your Personalised Plan: Depart with a customized month-by-month action plan to guide your journey in 2024.

Join us at midday UK time on NYE and NYD for a transformative tarot experience where we’ll clear away the debris of 2023, brew magical intentions, and explore your potential. 

What You Will Need:

  • A 2024 Diary and a pen – not necessary, but handy for capturing insights.
  • Essential: A Tarot or Oracle deck – (or two if you can)  
  • Essential: 90 minutes of undisturbed blissful you-time.
  • Essential: A graceful, courageous, open mindset.
  • Essential: A keyword for each month of 2023 to build your old year ritual.

Here’s mine for example:

Jan – Overwhelmed

Feb – Overworked

Mar – Undervalued

April – Released

May – Opportunity

June – Beginning

July – Deconditioning

August – Readjusting

September – Recovering 

October – Travels 

November – Patience

December – Breakthrough

What You Don’t Need:

  • Tarot knowledge – just bring a deck or two of oracle or tarot with pictures you like.
  • Interruptions or distractions.
  • A fearful, anxious mindset – come with the confidence that the universe only gives you what you can handle.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals seeking growth and transformation. Secure your spot and become part of the positive energy that’s already transforming lives!

What people say about this ritual:

This New Year, embark on a journey of self-discovery, align with the energies of the universe, and embrace the magic that awaits you in 2024.

Reflect & Reset is your gateway to a year filled with purpose, clarity, and co-creation. Reserve your spot now and make this New Year truly transformative!